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Innovent Arts For Health

What is Innovent Arts for Health?

Innovent Arts for Health aims to use arts-based interventions to enhance the physical, social and mental health of the community. We specialize in curating need-based solutions for different kinds of populations predominantly on three levels – Individual, Team and Organization.

InnoventInnovative events

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What is Emgage?

'Emgage' is the vertical of Innovent Arts for Health,
which specifically caters to employee engagement
through arts-based activities, curated to triangulate
the needs of the organization, the team and the
individual. Our programs are designed to ensure optimal functioning at key moments of intervention.

Emgage Employee engagement


We believe that Arts provide potent metaphors to help create experiences that are effective and impactful in the long run.

Art forms are the most powerful means to achieve impactful on-the-job behaviour change, a positive attitude transformation and an increased performance.

They have the potential to:

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Bring people together

Provide a fun, engaging
and immersive experience

Provide a platform for open
and effective communication

Bring people allow people from diverse backgrounds to be on the same plane and erase the barriers created by hierarchy together

Have a larger recall value in
the minds of people


We have identified four key 'Moments of Intervention' (MoI) in the employee life cycle, where support is needed to reengineer thought, emotion and behavior patterns. The themes and content of our training programs are meticulously curated to ensure that employees' personal goals are in alignment with the goals of the team and the organization, paving a way for holistic development and synergy between the employee and the organization.

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This program takes a novel approach to inculcate emotional intelligence, open dialogue, trust and goal setting abilities among
the upcoming leaders in your organisation.

This program is specifically designed for new mothers and fathers to help them deal with the additional stress in their changing environment, by educating them about efficient parenting strategies.

This program ensures a smooth transition into the corporate setting and helps new recruits to cope with change and uncertainty effectively.

This program focuses on fine-tuning the communication ability
to efficiently interact across various levels of the organization.


Dr. Anand Godse
Anand holds a master's degree in Industrial Psychology and a doctorate in Suryanamaskar (Health Psychology) from University of Pune. He's currently an Associate Professor at the Department of Integral Psychology - the School of Vedic Sciences, MIT ADT University. He has over 12 years of extensive experience facilitating behavioural trainings, OD consultation and counselling. Trained by Arthur Hull in drum circle facilitation, he incorporates music and rhythm in his workshops. He has authored multiple research papers in the domain of arts and health. Anand is also a Director at Flow Social Sciences Research Organization, which works in the area of health and wellbeing for marginalized populations.

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