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Virtual Trainings

Taking into Consideration the current global situation, Innovent has developed 2 new online workshops under 'Innovent Arts for Health' . This initiative specially focus on Organizational development and Behavioral Training for the betterment of Teams & Organisation. The expertise of our Facilitators in various Arts forms and techniques, creative learning methods.


- FIT BODY, FIT MIND , FIT TEAM by Dr. Anand Godse


by Ms. Veenu Shivdasani

Virtual Drum Circles

Let it be virtual platform , we got you covered for your enterrainment on this platform as well.. When it comes tovirtual drum circle , we have cracked the knack with our decipherkey to host virtual drum circles as close to actual as it can be. Participants can attend from their home using tabletop-glass-bucket or anything to play and enjoy the drumcircle.


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